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Watch Repair Lake Worth

Mailbox Plus provides high quality watch repair services. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Let our trained and experienced Instrument Technician have a look at it. Many of our services can be done the same day.

Our Watch Repair Services

We specialize in watch battery replacement, screen replacement, band resizing, gasket maintenance, and more. You'll be more than satisfied with your experience. We have a 4.5 star rating on Google because we go above and beyone for our customers.

Call (561) 966-0804 Today for a quote or feel free to walk in!

Watch Better Replacement Experts

Watch battery replacement is not as simple as you might think. Undoubtedly, it's a real inconvenience when your watch runs out of battery. You rely on it so much without even thinking about it, so you are certain to miss it considerably if you are without it for even a short while. It may be tempting, therefore, to go to a store where you think the turnaround time will be quick; where perhaps the new battery can even be fitted while you wait. However, it is worth considering how much care and attention they will pay to your potentially valuable watch if you have opted for a service based on speed alone. At Mail Box Plus, we may take a little longer, but you'll find our battery replacement service pays out dividends in the end. By carrying out the necessary check-ups, you'll even find we can help your battery last longer in future.

We Fix Any Watch!

If your valuable watch needs in-depth repair we work with a local shop to repair and return your watch when you pick up your mail. 

We also replace batteries in almost all remotes. Key fobs, TV remotes, Toys and garage door openers. We stock many batteries and can order one of necessary. The work is done by our trained instrument technician. 

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